Sandy Springs Townhome Photos

Sandy Springs Townhome Real Estate Photos

These Sandy Springs townhome photos are of a great little community in the Perimeter area of Sandy Springs. This particular day, as with many days this summer, the weather was changing dramatically throughout the appointment. One moment it was heavily overcast, the next moment some sun would break through, then the sun would go away, and finally the sun stayed out – for a while. On days like this, if the natural lighting outside is fair, but isn’t optimal, I’ll start out and make sure I get the shots that I need in the fair lighting just so I have them. This way, if the weather turns worse I have some good photos on the card. If the weather turns better, I’ll run out and try to catch the better lighting. This strategy often costs me a little extra time on site, because often times the weather will turn better and I wind up doing the same shots twice. Enough times though, this strategy has produced the goods for me when the weather turned worse during the appointment, and I had my exteriors covered. While I can shoot with an umbrella over myself and the camera, I always prefer not to do it that way. Fortunately, while shooting these Sandy Springs townhome photos, the weather turned better and I was able to reshoot the exterior images in better conditions at the end of the appointment.

Sandy Springs townhome photos

Sandy Springs Townhome Photos of Open Floor Plan

I’ve photographed this Sandy Springs townhome community several times in the past, however it’s always been what I consider “out of season” for the neighborhood photos. With the weather being iffy at the appointment time, I thought I’d be photographing this neighborhood again in less than ideal conditions. Much to my enjoyment however, the sky did clear enough for me to get these great community photos. This neighborhood features a private lake, surprisingly large community building, large pool, and tennis courts. And while it has all of these great amenities and is conveniently located amid the Perimeter shopping and business district, it’s surrounded by trees and feels like a retreat when it needs to.

Sandy Springs Townhome Clubhouse and Pool

Sandy Springs Townhome photos of community tennis courts

Sandy Springs Townhome community lake

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