Real Estate Image Use License

Images created at real estate appointments are licensed as follows

Photography is intellectual property owned by its creator (Licensor), and use by Client (Licensee) is permitted via licensing. Upon payment in full, the following non-exclusive usage rights will be conveyed solely to the listing agent (Licensee): Publicity and Advertising of the photographed property, via electronic and print media, for the purpose of selling or leasing such property, while such property is actively listed for sale, rent, or lease, for the length of a single listing, until the listing closes, expires or is surrendered, in the United States and its territories, of the quantity of images specified at or before the appointment. Licensee may not sell, gift, or otherwise transfer images to a third party for any use beyond those specified herein. Additional use of the images, beyond those specified herein, must be licensed separately, in writing, through Joshua Vensel, copyright owner (Licensor), VENVISIO, LLC.