In Powder Springs, Real Estate Photos Are Important

Powder Springs real estate photos, in Cobb County, GA

High quality real estate photos are as important in Powder Springs, GA as they are anywhere. The best Powder Springs real estate photos will do several things:

  • Get eyes on the listing
  • Highlight features
  • Communicate the space
  • Tell a story

Get eyes on the listing

The photo of the front exterior of a real estate listing is one of the most important, and arguably the most important real estate photo. The reason it’s so important is because it is what gets eyes on the listing. It’s common for an MLS to require the main image be of the front exterior. When home buyers and buyer’s agents are searching listings, the seller and seller’s agent wants their listing to stand out from the rest. In this Powder Springs real estate photo, we’re showing a clear, full view of the front exterior and we have it framed nicely within the surrounding foliage and yard. Getting eyes on the listing is important because it’s the first step toward getting buyers through the door.

Powder Springs real estate photos
Once the front exterior photo has drawn eyes to the listing, the remaining photos should follow-through with highlighting features, communicating the space, and telling a story. Some photos will do all, some will do a couple, and some will only do one. Sometimes, multiple photos of a space will do the best job of achieving these tasks for a single space. In these Powder Springs real estate photos, we’ll start with highlighting features.

Highlight features

Most buyers are going to like having natural light in some parts of their home. This listing had great bay windows on each side of the front door, in the front room and dining room, so I made sure to show these features in the two photos of these rooms.

Bay window in front room
Dining room in Cobb County real estate
This photo of the living room highlights the natural light of the space, while also highlighting the fireplace and built-in shelves. The reverse angle would have communicated that the room is adjacent to the breakfast nook, but here the most important concept is to highlight the features.

Powder Springs living room

Communicate the space

Communicating a space could mean anything from showing how rooms are connected, by looking directly from one room to another, to giving hints about room flow, to camera position and choice of viewing angle, etc. In the front exterior above, I used camera positioning to communicate that it has a front yard that is both sizable and usable, and that there is ample space between neighbors. In the following two photos, I’m communicating first that the kitchen is spacious, with lots of counter space and storage, and that it’s adjacent to the dining room, and second, by showing the hint of the kitchen counter, that the breakfast nook is adjacent to the kitchen.

Powder Springs real estate kitchen photo
Breakfast nook
These next two photos of the master bedroom work together to communicate both the size of the master bedroom in the first image, and the bonus room off of the master bedroom. Notice that we see just enough of the glass-pane door to communicate that it can be closed off for privacy or left open as shown.

Powder Springs real estate photo master bedroom
Cobb county real estate master bedroom

Tell a story

Telling the story of a space is somewhat similar to communicating the space, but perhaps a little more creative. When we’re telling a story, it’s creating more of a connection between the viewer and the image. To demonstrate this with these Powder Springs real estate photos, let’s first look at an image that communicates the space. This image shows that there’s a back deck, a good sized yard, and room for a play set.

Powder Springs yard
In this last image, we’re showing the fire pit, but instead of just taking a picture of it and everything around it, we’re telling a story by focusing in on the fire pit, the paved patio, the path leading up to it, the stockpile of firewood, and the chairs around the pit. A more focused image like this can tell a story of who might sit around the fire pit, and allow the viewer to imagine their own family filling the chairs and creating memories.

Cobb County real estate photos fire pit

Here’s the link to the full virtual tour of these Powder Springs real estate photos.