Home Owner Pricing – FSBO, Discount Broker, etc.

Appointments and Real Estate Photography Pricing

for FSBO, Discount Brokers, & Discount Listing Services, of residential properties, within the standard service area:


Price + tax

Time on site

24-hour turnaround

Delivered in 3 optimized sizes

Keepsake copy for seller

Single-listing license

1-year hosted slideshow

Add drone images

Add drone images & video



$1600 + tax

1.5 hours

$500 + 30 min

$750 + 45 min



$2500 + tax

2 hours

$500 + 30 min

$750 + 45 min



$4000 + tax

3.5 hours

$500 + 30 min

$750 + 45 min


dusk images

$1000 + tax

1.5 hours



All of the above appointments include:

  • Fast, 24-hour turnaround from the completion of the photography appointment
  • High-resolution optimized image files, licensed to the homeowner for the purpose of selling the home
  • Web-resolution optimized image files, licensed to the homeowner for the purpose of selling the home
  • A slide show hosted for 1 year at www.realtyclique.com/*street-address*


Ready to Schedule?  Great! It’s Simple:

Schedule Atlanta real estate photography online

You can schedule your Atlanta real estate photography right now with our easy online scheduling app.  Simply choose the type of appointment that you want, choose your photographer (or first available), and choose your date and time.  You’ll need to note in the comments that this is a FSBO listing.  We will update your appointment to the FSBO pricing shown on this page.  We provide links to add the appointment to your Google, Apple, Outlook, or Yahoo calendar direct from the confirmation page.  We’ll also send you a confirmation email and text to the email address and telephone number that you provide when scheduling.

Real Estate Photo Appointment

You can also call 404-786-5328 to schedule your Atlanta real estate photography. Some larger appointments and specialty appointments need to be scheduled over the phone due to the constraints of the scheduling app. Appointments for 40 or more images take longer than the time-blocks available on our scheduling app, and Twilight/Dusk appointments fall outside our standard available appointment times. We’re always happy to check availability for these or any other appointments over the phone.

Standard appointment times:

  1. Monday-Friday at 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.
  2. Twilight (sunrise or sunset) appointments are generally available on Mondays & Fridays.  These times change throughout the year, and current sunrise & sunset times can be found at timeanddate.com.



All fees must be paid in full prior to delivery of photography services or goods. All services and goods are subject to 6% sales tax when purchased in East Cobb county. Most of our clients pay with a credit card through our processor, Square. Payment may also be made on-site at the property via cash, check, or credit card.  A travel fee may be required based on location.  Any travel fee will be clearly identified prior to the appointment.

License and Use:

Upon payment in full, the following non-exclusive usage rights will be conveyed solely to the home owner (licensee): Publicity and Advertising of the photographed property, via electronic and print media, for the purpose of selling or leasing such property, while such property is actively listed for sale, rent, or lease, for the length of a single listing, until the listing closes, expires or is surrendered, in the United States and its territories, of the quantity of images specified at or before the appointment.  Licensee may not sell, gift, or otherwise transfer images to a third party for any use beyond those specified herein. Additional use of the images, beyond those specified herein, must be licensed separately, in writing, through Joshua Vensel, copyright owner (Licensor), VENVISIO, LLC.

Property Accessibility

Yes, we have Supra access!  In order to access the key from your Supra box, we’ll need the CBS (call before showing) code to that box.  If you’re not familiar with CBS codes, you can find and even customize and standardize your CBS code within the Supra system.  We can also meet you or your representative at the appointment to access the property.  Please provide all accessibility information, such as gate codes, gate list status, alarm code, CBS code, etc., in the comments when scheduling.

Please note that if, upon arrival to your scheduled appointment, the property is inaccessible for any reason, the appointment will need to be rescheduled.  In such a case, a trip fee of $100.00 will be due in addition to any applicable photography fees. For this reason, please ensure that the property will be accessible & ready when scheduling. If the majority of the property is accessible, and only a minority is inaccessible, the property may be photographed with only the inaccessible areas not being photographed, at the photographer’s discretion.
Possible scenarios that impact accessibility include but are not limited to:

  • Armed alarms without an alarm code provided
  • Inaccessible lockbox or inaccurate cbs code or access code
  • Inaccurate gate code provided
  • Wrong key/no key provided
  • Conflicting appt at property (painters, cleaners, movers, etc)
  • Homeowner not home when scheduled
  • Security staff or property staff uncooperative
  • Unattended dogs or aggressive dogs attended or not
  • Any other situation restricting access to property