Duluth real estate listing photos

If you’ve ever been to Duluth, GA, you know that it’s a desirable area nestled up next to Johns Creek. Here’s a set of Duluth real estate listing photos that I shot recently. One thing that I loved about this neighborhood, and this house in particular, was the great layout of the lots. Here we see a nice large, level, yard in front of this brick house.

Duluth real estate listing photos

It gets even better as we come inside. Here we see the dining room, how it’s adjacent to the foyer and that the foyer is open to the second story, and we see that there’s another front room beyond the foyer.

Duluth real estate listing dining room

And better still as we continue to the kitchen of this Duluth real estate listing.

Duluth real estate listing photos of kitchen

Duluth real estate listing photos of kitchen

And the backyard is a balanced combination of a large private swimming pool and level grassy lawn.

Duluth real estate pool
Duluth real estate grass lawn

The bedrooms and bathrooms are all impressive in their own right, so check them out in the virtual tour link at the end of the post. I want to focus here however on the finished basement that leads out to the under deck patio and pool. Often it’s not the best idea to ask one photo to do everything. The saying is, “jack of all trades, master of none.” Here however, with careful selection of viewing angle and lighting, I’ve done a great job of showing off this finished basement. In this one photo, we see that there’s plenty of natural light with the windows and door, we see that there’s a sitting area here and another room beyond the sofa, as well as the bathroom and workout areas at the other end.  It’s tough to ask a single image to do so much, and this one could have easily lost focus if not done properly, but with the right balance it turned out great.

Duluth finished basement leads out to private pool

This neighborhood is conveniently just across Bunten Rd from Bunten Rd Park. The park features a soccer field, baseball complex, tennis courts, and more. When I was there to photograph, there was a large renovation project under way, which prevented me from photographing most of these areas.

Bunten Rd Park in Duluth
Fortunately, in addition to the sign, I was able to compose a shot of the soccer field where the tree was blocking the view of a few workers and their equipment.

Bunten Rd park soccer field in Duluth GA

The full virtual tour of these Duluth real estate listing photos is available here.