Decatur real estate photography

Decatur real estate photography

Here’s a real estate listing that I recently photographed in Decatur. There are a lot of reasons to love Decatur, and my favorite is the stylish homes that seem to line every street. Here’ s a perfect example that blends traditional and contemporary styles seamlessly.

Front elevation

One thing that I liked in particular about this property, is that it had a nice mix of usable front yard and street-front privacy. Two medium-sized trees provided a touch of privacy from the street, while a nice sized and well-kept lawn sat beyond the trees. For the listing, I wanted a clear view of the front of the house, so I came up into the yard for the front elevation shot.

Decatur real estate photography

Front room and dining

This is what I mean when I talk about blending traditional and contemporary. Here we have the front room with what I assume is the original fireplace, which brings a sense of history to the room, and then we have the contemporary decor that suggests a casual sophistication. I chose this composition for several reasons. The fireplace is the focal point, however the viewer’s eye then moves to the hall and master bedroom, which communicates layout, then moves along the bench and wall art, which communicates size, then moves to the reflection of the window in the art work, which communicates the natural light, and finally lands back on the fireplace, where the flow begins again.

Decatur real estate photography of a living room

Similarly, the dining room balances a line of old and new, then and now, and it does it beautifully. Again, the viewer’s eyes move from window to window, to the kitchen, and we’re communicating layout, and natural light.

Atlanta dining room


The kitchen, meanwhile, provides all of the modern comforts and expectations, and does so with a soft touch. The white cabinets, butcher block counters, horizontal beam back splash and stainless appliances all work together for that casual sophistication that we saw in the front room.

Stylish Atlanta kitchen

Master Bedroom

Finally the master bedroom, where the beautiful wood floors continue, has plenty of space and lots of natural light.

Atlanta master bedroom

Decatur is a stylish part of Atlanta, and as such it’s important that Decatur real estate photography capture those stylish elements and cues, which we’ve done well in this collection. To see the rest of the set, check out the Decatur real estate virtual tour linked here.