Atlanta Twilight Real Estate Photography

Atlanta Twilight Real Estate Photography

Bring high-impact to your real estate listings with Atlanta twilight real estate photography by Venvisio, LLC.  Also known as dusk, twilight is the 30 minute window before sunrise and after sunset.  The dramatic glow of images created during twilight is irresistible.  While the ever-changing sky makes it’s impossible to predict the exact results of a twilight real estate photography appointment – whether we’ll capture vivid pinks, oranges, and purples, or if we’ll have anywhere along a range of blues – the romance of a glowing house at twilight is undeniable. Appointment details are available on the Licensed Agent and FSBO pricing pages.

Preparing for nighttime real estate photos

Most of the twilight appointments that I photograph are in the evening before sunset, rather than in the morning before dawn. In both cases however, we’re racing against sun, whether it is rising or fading. Here are a few tips to help prepare for the appointment ahead of time, so we’re ready to capture the right moment when it arrives.  A more complete list is available as our “My Twilight Photo Appointment Checklist” PDF.  Curious when sunset is for your upcoming appointment?  Check out

  1. Make sure all of the lights in the house work and have working bulbs. We’ll be turning them all on.
  2. Make sure all landscaping lights are working and have working bulbs. Also make sure we can turn them on manually rather than rely on a timer.
  3. Have fireplaces and fire pits ready to go. This may mean having them clean, having kindling and lighters ready, or making sure gas and starters are working properly.
  4. Have water features such as fountains turned on, and make sure any lighting for these is working and on as well.


How will the twilight photos at my listing look?

One of the amazing things about the sky is that it’s different every day and night. As a result, it’s hard to say how the photos will look. The factors include the location and positioning of the house and the landscape around it, the weather, the time of year, and even the time of month. Sometimes we get lucky with a dramatic sky and the perfect evening light kissing the face of the house. Sometimes we’re not so lucky and it’s just plain ugly outside with full cloud cover and no sun in sight. Sometimes the best images from a twilight real estate appointment are when the sky is lighter, and sometimes they’re better when the sky is darker. No matter the situation, we’ll come away with unique images that add impact to the listing.