Atlanta Highrise Photography at 1010 Midtown

1010 Midtown Atlanta Highrise Photography

Photography of architecture, interiors, and real estate is certainly a specialty niche that requires its own toolbox of gear and techniques. Within that niche is highrise photography, which requires its own special set of skills, and Atlanta highrise photography has its own set of challenges and rewards.

1010 Midtown condominiums

One of the challenges of Atlanta highrise photography is balancing a view of the interior with a view outside. One of the rewards is the incredible views outside. We have great views in Atlanta, whether we’re looking at the skylines of Buckhead, Midtown, Downtown, or the King and Queen buildings North of the Perimeter. Looking East we have Stone Mountain on the horizon, and to the West we have a vast expanse of foliage, proving Atlanta to be the “city among the trees.” With such great views available, from several stories up, or several tens of stories up, we definitely want to see those views.

Atlanta highrise photography overlooking Peachtree St. from 1010 Midtown

This is the 1010 Midtown building, which is located at 1080 Peachtree St. We really get to show off that view in this great shot of the kitchen that follows. What we want to achieve is to simultaneously show the nice layout of the kitchen, the wonderful natural light that it receives, and the view outside. In a single family home with a similar kitchen layout, I’d be more inclined to shoot into the kitchen rather than across it. Of course doing that here would have us looking into the cabinets with the skyline view at our back. So instead, we’re looking across the counter, showing the bar seating, catching the cabinetry in a manner that is communicative but not overwhelming, and our eyes finally land on the view of the Bank One building, one of Atlanta’s most recognizable highrises. The composition here is of paramount importance, however it’s only the beginning. In person, our eyes and brains work together at astounding speed to switch from viewing the exterior view to the interior views, and as a result we believe that we can see both at the same time. In camera, using the camera alone, we typically have to choose between showing either just the interior or just the exterior view. Some might choose to use an HDR software or in-camera HDR processing, but the result is really just muddied, over-processed garbage. By using the right combination of exposure and lighting, I’m able to show a natural appearing view outside and inside at the same time.

Kitchen view of Peachtree St and Downtown from 1010 Midtown condo

This residence had great floor-to-ceiling windows spanning the unit. Again, in Atlanta highrise photography, we want to show both the space and the view. The following shot does a great job of showing both layout and the impressive windows. Admittedly, the following shot played tricks on me a little bit because of the signature curve in the building. Typically a one point perspective shot like this should have the ceiling line running perfectly flat across the frame, because the viewer is looking directly into a straight line. In this case however, we’re looking into the curve of the building, which we can see more pronounced in the balcony shot above.

Atlanta Highrise Photography

This is a great building to photograph, and I’ve been in here several times. Check out the rest of the images from this listing in the slide show below.

Virtual tour slide show of listing photos